Friday, 18 May 2012

Thanet's New Independent Diversity Champion

I was delighted to receive a telephone call from Clive Hart, the Leader of Thanet District Council, asking me to take on the role of TDC's Diversity Champion. In this new role I will be working together with the cabinet to help ensure that equality issues are integral to the Council’s performance.

I am inspired by the progress made by Tony Blair, which is being continued by David Cameron, dispite the opposition from those in his own party, that are much further to the right. 

It should be about fair play and common sense at the end of the day. For example, Diane Abbott's remark about White people, was in my view, a racist remark; we need to put an end to double standards, prejudice is a two way street.

Although I think that political correctness has gone too far, many closet racists and homophobes tend hide behind this belief, in order to get away with being offensive to others. For example, a fair minded person, would not call a gay person a 'Fairy' or "Drama Queen" if they knew that the person concerned found it offensive, regardless of whether the words are homophobic or not. 

*I recently gave an interview to Andrew Woodman, of the Isle of Thanet Gazette which will be avaliable on Friday.

"I am pleased John agreed to be TDC's Equalities and Diversity champion. Although it is everybody's responsibility to consider equality issues in our decision-making process, it is paramount to have an elected member to liaise with officers in the various service areas of the Council and with the Cabinet so that we can be sure that our decisions do not discriminate against any group of residents."

Cllr. Michelle Fenner
Cabinet Member For Performance, Policy and Procurement

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