Thursday, 24 May 2012

TIG Meeting with Stuart Baine

Dr. Jack Cohen, Councillor John Worrow and I and met with Stuart Baine Chief Executive  of the  East Kent Hospital Trust for more than 2 hours today.  We requested  the meeting to talk about the transfer of  trauma services from Margate  A&E to Ashford. It quickly  emerged  that this was the tip of an iceberg. 

Mr Baine  told us thatover the next 3 months the Hospital Trust will  be conducting a major strategic  review of  its clinical services which extends muchfurther than  A&E trauma services. 

The review  will be looking at  emergency out of hours surgery, coronary , orthopaedic,cancer and other services. The review is likely to mean that some of theseservices could be moved from one Trust hospital to another to create centres ofexcellence. This means that a lot more specialsit services could be moved from QEQM, but Mr Baine also said that other services could be moved into QEQM. Mr Baine explained that these changes would in his opinion lead to improved care for patients.

Mr Baine told us thata lot more work had to be done to develop all the options. He hoped that this work would be completed by September. A consultation document would then be produced and  there would be a 12 week consultation period and the public and Thanet council will be entitled to submit their views. The earliest that change could happen would be in 2013. Mr Baine said that there were no hidden agenda and the consultation would transparent and above.

Becuse the issue has become more complicated and involved thanjust the A&E,  and because we will not know what the Hospital Trusts  plansare until at least September we do not think that  a public meeting at this time would behelpful as no-one knows the full picture. The last thing we want to do is wastepeople time and energy  when we don’t know the full proposals.

Stuart Baine said he will keep us informed all developmentsand we will pass on any information as soon as we hear. Once we have all the infomation we can then look at building  the campign, organising meetings and petitions etc to stop any reductions at QEQM

I hope this clarifies what is happening at QEQM

Councillor Ian Driver,
TIG Spokesman for Communities & Housing

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How Modern is Julian Brazier MP?

Do I represent modern
I don't pretend that
I'm not nasty

Here we have three quite different politicians that have fairly right wing views. However, they all have one thing in common, they do not agree with the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, when it comes to marriage equality. 
Do I represent modern
Not one of them is known for promoting LGBT equality. One is a President, one an MEP and the other is an MP belonging to the same political party as the British Prime Minister. Many people supported the British Conservative Party, including LGBT people because David Cameron promised them full LGBT equality.Equality does not mean having a third rate term to discribe your marriage.Fair enough if the odd backbencher like Canterbury MP Julian Brazia have views on LGBT equality that are closer to other parties, but why allow them to call themselves modern Conservatives?

It would appear that the UK now has two very different Conservative Parties, both claiming to speak 
for modern Britain

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Institutional Racism & Homophobia Must Be Stamped Out

Subtle Racist Humour on web sites is still HATE
For those of you, who believe that institutional racism and homophobia is a thing of the past,think again

Good old-fashioned bigotry is alive and well, as many cling to outdated views through fear and ignorance. Bigots can no longer run around in white hoods, but they can spread hate from their computers. Undertones might be subtle but they are unmistakable.

Expressions of hatred toward someone on account of that person's colour, race, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, or sexual orientation is forbidden. Any communication which is threatening, abusive or insulting, and is intended to harass, alarm, or distress someone is forbidden. The penalties for hate speech include fines, imprisonment, or both.

Monday, 21 May 2012

More Apologies

For those Birchington residents hoping to hear from our Leader, Cllr John Worrow at this evening's meeting at the village community centre, Thanet Life reports that he has now sent his apologies as a more pressing engagement calls.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

An Apology

It has come to my attention that a number of people were offended by a post on the Thanet Independent Group Blog. The post that I refer to was intended to be light hearted satire and in many ways similar to some of the posts made on Cllr Simon Moores' blog. It was made clear on the blog that the story was fictional;it was not directed towards any particular person. However, Cllrs Cohen and Driver thought that the post was inappropriate, and after reviewing the situation I came to the same conclusion, the post was subsequently removed and the blog was deleted. I would like to offer a sincere apology on behalf of the web team for any offence that may of been caused by the post.

John Worrow
Thanet Independent Group  

For the self-rightouss pack of bigots to view!

We invite the self-righteousness pack of bigots that use blogs to spread hate, to view this.


Minnis Pig Watch

Thanet Legends and Folk Tales by David Fox


 Lock Ness has its monster, Cinderella has the two ungly sisters, but Minnis Bay has 'The Pig Monster'  

A press conference was held in Minnis Bay today to share the details surrounding what they claim is their "discovery" of a  foot print from a 'Pig Monster'. The print was found on the green near the Minnis Pub Beach CAFE. It was discovered by Mr Dimwit of the angry bigots society who confirmed that the print was part human. Mr Dimwit  said " I was so concerned that the Pig Monster might come back with more ugly pigs that I got together with my angry friends to form a new society called  Minnis Pig Watch"

*The 'PIG MONSTER', thought to be female, has been spotted at local events pretending to be a Minnis Bay woman and is apparently so ungly it could not possibly be part human as first thought.

To be continued

Saturday, 19 May 2012

TIG Flash News

All Birchington Residents are called to the Village Centre (next to the library) on Monday Evening at 7PM on 21st May, where you will be able to question your District and Parish Cllrs, which include TIG's popular Leader John Worrow and Cllr Dr.Jack Cohen, at the Parish Council Assembly on our new and far-reaching diversity policies, our campaign in support of gay marriage, the forthcoming Minnis Bay 'Pride Weekend' and other equally pressing issues of concern.

Sandra Tiggled-Pink - TIG Agent

This demonstrates how pathetic HOMOPHOBIA is!


MOORES Vs GREGORY as progressives talk about leaving group

Thanet Independent Group has heard from two progressive local Conservatives, who are disillusioned by the self styled leadership of the local version of the Party. The two members, one of whom is a woman, have agreed to allow us to talk about their intentions as they feel it would be very difficult for them to do so at this stage. They have indicated that they are considering resigning the party whip to sit as independents.They can not give their reason publically untill a couple of issues have been concluded.

Socialist Tory Leader?
Apparently former Socialist Councillor Tory Ken Gregory, is joint favourite to take over from Bob Bayford as a so-called Tory leader. The other choice is Dr Simon Moores, who first served as a cabinet member under the Ezekiel-Latchford regime and has indicated that he wants to become an MEP.
But now is not the best time to make a leadership move, not long to wait though Simon!

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Bad old days

Some want a return to the bad old days but those of us in the centre right and left of politics are uniting under one banner to prevent this from happening!



Independent Birchington Parish Councillor Bernard La Roche becomes a member of TIG

Cllr La Roche, who joins the group on his birthday is best  known for speaking out against the former Ezekiel-Latchford regime.

Fair Play Statement

UPDATE, FAIR PLAY STATEMENT: I wish to make it clear, that contrary to some of the nonsense being said on some blogs, I do not believe Simon Moores to be homophobic, as far as I am aware, he is not.
I would, however like to ask him to be a little more sensitive when he allows some comments on his blog. I do not expect us to be friends, but this is an area that we need to work together on, regardless of politics, so lets stop the nonsence and be a little more positive for the good of the community..................................................................

*I would also like to say, that although he has a different idea of what an offensive comment is, than I do, I believe that James is an open minded person - certainly not a bigot.
Following the news that Councillor Ian Driver has resigned the party whip, I am astounded to read that Councillor Moores is allowing irrelevant and offensive comments on his blog about Councillor Drivers sexuality."It's entirely coincidental but Cllr Driver is a self-admitted bisexual so he should benefit enormously from snuggling up to the rest of the Popular Front"It does nothing for community relations when a councillor turns a blind eye to an offensive comment made by a contributor on his blog. Councillor Driver's sexuality has nothing to do with the news story and by allowing it on his blog, Councillor Moores is sending out the wrong kind of Message.The term 'self-admitted' says it all!

*Contributions by those that have already made offensive remarks will not be published on this blog.

Thanet's New Independent Diversity Champion

I was delighted to receive a telephone call from Clive Hart, the Leader of Thanet District Council, asking me to take on the role of TDC's Diversity Champion. In this new role I will be working together with the cabinet to help ensure that equality issues are integral to the Council’s performance.

I am inspired by the progress made by Tony Blair, which is being continued by David Cameron, dispite the opposition from those in his own party, that are much further to the right. 

It should be about fair play and common sense at the end of the day. For example, Diane Abbott's remark about White people, was in my view, a racist remark; we need to put an end to double standards, prejudice is a two way street.

Although I think that political correctness has gone too far, many closet racists and homophobes tend hide behind this belief, in order to get away with being offensive to others. For example, a fair minded person, would not call a gay person a 'Fairy' or "Drama Queen" if they knew that the person concerned found it offensive, regardless of whether the words are homophobic or not. 

*I recently gave an interview to Andrew Woodman, of the Isle of Thanet Gazette which will be avaliable on Friday.

"I am pleased John agreed to be TDC's Equalities and Diversity champion. Although it is everybody's responsibility to consider equality issues in our decision-making process, it is paramount to have an elected member to liaise with officers in the various service areas of the Council and with the Cabinet so that we can be sure that our decisions do not discriminate against any group of residents."

Cllr. Michelle Fenner
Cabinet Member For Performance, Policy and Procurement

Are Muslims being discriminated against?

Radical cleric Abu Qatada has won his appeal against deportation from the UK to Jordan, at the European Court of Human Rights.

The judges accepted the UK's deal with Jordan to protect the cleric from abuse was sound.
But the court said he should not face trial for terrorism on evidence obtained by the torture of others.

The British government can make a final appeal before the judgement becomes binding in three months' time. If it does not appeal, the cleric will have to be released from detention.
Abu Qatada, whose real name is Omar Othman, is one of the most influential Islamist clerics in Europe, supporting jihadist causes. British judges have described him as "truly dangerous".
He has never faced trial in the UK, but has been detained without charge and had his movements restricted by a control order, a form of house arrest.

Anonymous bully boys!

Anonymous bully boys!

Although Councillor Simon Moores has double standards, at least he puts his own name to his posts, unlike two of the others, who have unwittingly left their I.P addresses behind on another blog.

Its interesting how the elitist Moores, chooses to ridicule me, a person that dares to speak out, yet he has nothing to say about his former boss who was arrested for alleged fraud

And they expect the Independent group to keep them in power?

Are They Lying To Save Face?

Are They Lying To Save Face?

I was appalled to read that Councillor Simon Moores and some of his North Thanet Conservative colleages, are making incorrect and spiteful comments about me on a blog run by one of their members; some of the comments that have been allowed on the blog are outright lies.

This unacceptable behaviour follows my publising of offensive comments that were made by their colleague Councillor Goodwin.

Brian Goodwin: "you are not missing anything now as its all crap nothing changed only we have j worrow now on our side backs to the wall you know what i mean"29 May 2011 at 18:18 fcebook
(a number of councillors have the screen shot) Since I publised the remark made by Cllr Goodwin, some organisations have offered to pay my legal fees, should I decide to take action. As an Equalities Champion I am expected to take action against such behaviour. However due to Cllr Goodwin's current state of health, I have decided to take NO action, and I wish him speedy recovery but my progressive colleagues and I, will not back down, if the hate campaign continues.

The following comment was made by Councillor Mike Harrison "I have no ill will towards Brian Goodwin and wish him well in his fight against his illness but the fact remains that he DID post comments that can only be interpreted in one way and that is homophobic"

The next comment was made by the North Thanet Conservative Association's Executive Officer, Cllr Simon Moores, which I am sure any sensible person would agree, is an insult to injury:-"I find all this rather bizarre. John appears to be coming-up with new crusading items on a regular basis now and these have little or nothing to do with the challenge of running Thanet in difficult times but to many observers, seems nothing more than self-indulgent attention seeking. John appears to be referring to an email or a Facebook comment from an unknown Councillor" The impenitent statement made by NTCA Spokesman, Cllr Simon Moores 
"At the time Councillor Moores was well aware of the facebook comment - his behaviour almost pushed me off the edge. I was one step away from calling the hate crime number" 

"I am sure that David Cameron will be very embarassed by Councillor Moores' statement, it clearly gives out the wrong kind of message - its almost as if he thinks that I enjoy being insulted for my private life!" 
I am now astounded to learn that some of Cllr Moores' collegues, are accusing me of attacking Cllr Goodwin. Lets get this straight, I have not accused Cllr Goodwin or anyone else of being homophobic; it is for others to judge for themselves. I decided to name councillor Goodwin, after feeling pressured in to doing so by a local Conservative. However, It was my decision not to take legal action against Mr Goodwin due to his health. Had I been made aware of the comment when it was first made, I would have reported him to the standards committee at the time. I do however find it very sad that some of his collegues appear to be using his health as a smoke screen to avoid answering a number of very serious questions about their own behaviour.
John Worrow, Independent Councillor

*I would like it to go on record, that I welcome the progress that David Cameron has made, and I would like to thank the Conservatives from other areas, who are following this situation closely, many of whom have given me their support!

More information can be found on Councillor Harrison's blog


This Summer we are holding aMinnis Bay Pride Diversityweekend, to be held in the dip at Minnis Bay. The Minnis Bay Live team, will be working together with members of the LGBT community, to make this an event you won't forget. The show is to be compared by Cllr Ian Driver, and will include LiveRock, Reggae music, a Village People Tribute Band, a Boy George lookalike contest, and an alternative Dog show for animal lovers.. There will be something for everyone! More information coming soon!




1, A new official Diversity Blog will be launched on Febuary 10th

2, A Public Meeting is to be held to talk about the responsibility of Bloggers regarding the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, with the aim of recruiting voluntary Diversity Blog Wardens, known as DBWs.

DBWs will become the blog and social network equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and will focus on local blogs and social networks.

DBWs will look out for hate posts and may report them to the police if it is thought the law has been broken.

It is important to remember that DBWs are voluntary workers, and like Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, they will have no powers of arrest.

The TIG Archive

As the Thanet Independent Group appear, once again, to have lost their weblog and in the spirit of cros-party political cooperation, I'm hoping to put it all back together for them as a valuable, if not useful local political resource, which includes many of your favorites and political messages from Cllr Worrow's earlier entries on his first weblog.

This may take a little time of course and so I ask for your patience.