Friday, 18 May 2012

Fair Play Statement

UPDATE, FAIR PLAY STATEMENT: I wish to make it clear, that contrary to some of the nonsense being said on some blogs, I do not believe Simon Moores to be homophobic, as far as I am aware, he is not.
I would, however like to ask him to be a little more sensitive when he allows some comments on his blog. I do not expect us to be friends, but this is an area that we need to work together on, regardless of politics, so lets stop the nonsence and be a little more positive for the good of the community..................................................................

*I would also like to say, that although he has a different idea of what an offensive comment is, than I do, I believe that James is an open minded person - certainly not a bigot.
Following the news that Councillor Ian Driver has resigned the party whip, I am astounded to read that Councillor Moores is allowing irrelevant and offensive comments on his blog about Councillor Drivers sexuality."It's entirely coincidental but Cllr Driver is a self-admitted bisexual so he should benefit enormously from snuggling up to the rest of the Popular Front"It does nothing for community relations when a councillor turns a blind eye to an offensive comment made by a contributor on his blog. Councillor Driver's sexuality has nothing to do with the news story and by allowing it on his blog, Councillor Moores is sending out the wrong kind of Message.The term 'self-admitted' says it all!

*Contributions by those that have already made offensive remarks will not be published on this blog.

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