Friday, 18 May 2012

Are They Lying To Save Face?

Are They Lying To Save Face?

I was appalled to read that Councillor Simon Moores and some of his North Thanet Conservative colleages, are making incorrect and spiteful comments about me on a blog run by one of their members; some of the comments that have been allowed on the blog are outright lies.

This unacceptable behaviour follows my publising of offensive comments that were made by their colleague Councillor Goodwin.

Brian Goodwin: "you are not missing anything now as its all crap nothing changed only we have j worrow now on our side backs to the wall you know what i mean"29 May 2011 at 18:18 fcebook
(a number of councillors have the screen shot) Since I publised the remark made by Cllr Goodwin, some organisations have offered to pay my legal fees, should I decide to take action. As an Equalities Champion I am expected to take action against such behaviour. However due to Cllr Goodwin's current state of health, I have decided to take NO action, and I wish him speedy recovery but my progressive colleagues and I, will not back down, if the hate campaign continues.

The following comment was made by Councillor Mike Harrison "I have no ill will towards Brian Goodwin and wish him well in his fight against his illness but the fact remains that he DID post comments that can only be interpreted in one way and that is homophobic"

The next comment was made by the North Thanet Conservative Association's Executive Officer, Cllr Simon Moores, which I am sure any sensible person would agree, is an insult to injury:-"I find all this rather bizarre. John appears to be coming-up with new crusading items on a regular basis now and these have little or nothing to do with the challenge of running Thanet in difficult times but to many observers, seems nothing more than self-indulgent attention seeking. John appears to be referring to an email or a Facebook comment from an unknown Councillor" The impenitent statement made by NTCA Spokesman, Cllr Simon Moores 
"At the time Councillor Moores was well aware of the facebook comment - his behaviour almost pushed me off the edge. I was one step away from calling the hate crime number" 

"I am sure that David Cameron will be very embarassed by Councillor Moores' statement, it clearly gives out the wrong kind of message - its almost as if he thinks that I enjoy being insulted for my private life!" 
I am now astounded to learn that some of Cllr Moores' collegues, are accusing me of attacking Cllr Goodwin. Lets get this straight, I have not accused Cllr Goodwin or anyone else of being homophobic; it is for others to judge for themselves. I decided to name councillor Goodwin, after feeling pressured in to doing so by a local Conservative. However, It was my decision not to take legal action against Mr Goodwin due to his health. Had I been made aware of the comment when it was first made, I would have reported him to the standards committee at the time. I do however find it very sad that some of his collegues appear to be using his health as a smoke screen to avoid answering a number of very serious questions about their own behaviour.
John Worrow, Independent Councillor

*I would like it to go on record, that I welcome the progress that David Cameron has made, and I would like to thank the Conservatives from other areas, who are following this situation closely, many of whom have given me their support!

More information can be found on Councillor Harrison's blog

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