Friday, 27 July 2012

This demonstrates how pathetic HOMOPHOBIA is!

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Anonymous said...

I assume this blog is now being administered, and comments moderated, by Thanet Tory Councillor Moores. He retrieved this blog (apparently) without the consent of its original "owners", and doctored it by adding the material in the right hand column. He does not acknowledge responsibility for this on this blog, nor does he put his name anywhere here against the doctoring he carried out. This gives the clear impression, to anyone reading this blog, that ALL the material is attributable to the Independent Councillors. It is not.

On his own blog, he claims that he makes it clear here that the authorship has changed. He does not.

He claims this is "satire", but his interventions are intended to embarrass and lampoon the original "owners". He claims this is a "public service", but it is in fact a particularly sordid example of political dirty tricks on the part of at least his little bit of the Tory Party. Moores continues to include links to this blog on his own, so proud is he of his dirty tricks and his childish, playground-like behaviour.

These Tory tactics have been fuelled by the spite they feel towards the Independent Councillors. They may well have good cause to feel negative, but their chosen revenge tactics are despicable. They drag local political standards into the gutter.

I wonder if this comment will see the light of day.